of Masters
There are many satisfying parallels between the master diamond cutter and the master watchmaker,

These parallels are apparent in our watches. On the outside, the face and case evoke the geometric symmetry of the ideal cut. On the inside, the handcrafted movements are often described as jewel-like. The simile is perfect. Not only do our movements have a jewel's brilliance and complex perfection, but the intricate workings and the interplay of one piece on the next are suggestive of the way light moves within our diamonds.

Our Movements

Backes & Strauss is honoured to be the partner of the Franck Muller company, the Master of Complications that shared with us the passion of creating unique and high-quality timepieces. Franck Muller is internationally acknowledged for being one of the best in-house movement manufacturer in the world of watchmaking. We share the same value about what a Backes & Strauss movement has to be. It need to perfectly seize the unseizable: the perfect time.

Creating a timeless icon is the aim of the Backes & Strauss designers. With their designs, they must evoke emotions and show respect to the incredible Franck Muller movement themselves.