Our Masterpieces

The Sincere Princess

As Masters of Diamonds since 1789, Backes & Strauss possess exceptional expertise to create bespoke pieces. These master creations feature custom cut diamonds of unique shapes, polished and set to perfection.

The outstanding skills of our craftsmen and master polishers offer endless possibilities to creating the Ultimate Diamond Watch.



37 mm


18k Rose Gold case set with 28 Ideal Cut diamonds – 4.06 carats


Diamond and Ruby Dial set with 144 Ideal Cut diamonds – 0.57 carats, 12 Baguette Cut rubies – 0.26 carats, and mother-of-pearl


Sword-shaped Hands with superwhite Luminova


One Ideal Cut diamond "The Jewel in the Crown" - 0.09 carat


Automatic movement


Hours, Minutes and Seconds


Jewellery bracelet in 18k Rose Gold set with 68 Ideal Cut diamonds – 8.80 carats and 68 Round and Square Cut rubies – 11.82 carats

Total carats

241 Ideal Cut diamonds – 13.52 carats / 80 rubies – 12.08 carats



Backes & Strauss
Ideal Cut Diamonds

Every round, brilliant diamond used at Backes & Strauss is an Ideal Cut Diamond, designed to emanate optimum fire and brilliance. The perfect symmetry and proportions of an Ideal Cut diamond ensure that the light entering the stone refracts internally from 57 precisely placed facets and travels out through the top of the table, creating a mesmerising sparkle.

We work with only the highest specification diamonds. All Ideal Cut diamonds used at Backes & Strauss are of D, E or F colour and internally flawless with only a very, very slight inclusion.