Our Masterpieces

The Royal ASHOKA® Empress

As Masters of Diamonds since 1789, Backes & Strauss possess exceptional expertise to create bespoke pieces. These master creations feature custom cut diamonds of unique shapes, polished and set to perfection.

The outstanding skills of our craftsmen and master polishers offer endless possibilities to creating the Ultimate Diamond Watch.



16 x 21 mm


18k White Gold case set with 130 Ideal Cut diamonds – 1.62 carats


Black mother-of-pearl dial


Sword-shaped hands


One Ideal Cut diamond "The Jewel in the Crown" - 0.06 carat


Quartz movement


Hours and Minutes


Jewellery bracelet in 18k White Gold set with 92 ASHOKA® diamonds – 24.44 carats, and 2 Baguette Cut diamonds – 0.09 carats

Total carats

225 ASHOKA® and Ideal Cut diamonds – 26.21 carats



Backes & Strauss
ASHOKA®Cut Diamonds

The ASHOKA®Cut Diamond is named after the ‘Ashoka Diamond’, a majestic 41.37 carat, D colour, internally flawless diamond. Inspired by the mystical diamond, William Goldberg, the legendary Manhattan diamond company, created an entirely new, unique and original cut called the 'ASHOKA®' that was granted its very own patent.

An elongated, antique cushion cut that captures light and disperses it with a fiery brilliance, the ASHOKA® can only be executed using diamonds that meet the Goldberg family's exacting specifications -  and only Goldberg master craftsmen have the skill, experience and expertise to bring to life the ASHOKA® cut which has 62 displayed facets and rounded corners.