Our Masterpieces

The Regent Beau Brummell

Tourbillon Pocket Watch

As Masters of Diamonds since 1789, Backes & Strauss possess exceptional expertise to create bespoke pieces. These master creations feature custom cut diamonds of unique shapes, polished and set to perfection.

The outstanding skills of our craftsmen and master polishers offer endless possibilities to creating the Ultimate Diamond Watch.



50 x 58 mm


18k White Gold case set with 108 Baguette Cut diamonds – 11.70 carats, and 228 Ideal Cut diamonds – 4.64 carats, Open back set with 328 Ideal Cut diamonds – 5.97 carats, Case Back Bridge set with 150 Ideal Cut diamonds – 0.74 carats, Bow set with 18 Baguette Cut diamonds – 0.46 carats and 43 Ideal Cut diamonds – 0.69 carats


Dial set with 197 Baguette Cut diamonds – 9.67 carats


Sword-shaped Hands with superwhite Luminova


One Ideal Cut diamond "The Jewel in the Crown" - 0.12 carat


Flying Tourbillon FM 2001-2 Hand Winding Mechanism


Hours, Minutes, Date, Tourbillon & Moonphase, Day & Night


Bespoke chain set with 596 Ideal Cut diamonds – 3.92 carats

Total carats

1669 diamonds – 37.91 carats



Backes & Strauss
Baguette Cut Diamonds

The Baguette Cut is named due to its long rectangular shape after the French word ‘baguette’. This cut came out of the Art Deco movement of the 1920’s and 30’s, its geometric form widely popularised by the design and architecture of the period.

Unlike round diamonds, the shape of the Baguette allows them to be set side-by-side without gaps. The effect of this unbroken display of diamonds creates the startlingly beautiful invisible setting.